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ID on Planet Earth:


       Li Yu is an interdisciplinary researcher, speculative designer and technologist.


        As a designer, she researches the burgeoning areas of advanced science technology and speculative design, and their fascinating intersection where our unlimited imagination meets the fast pacing science technology development. She uses design as a method of investigation, while implementing emerging technologies, aimed at expanding our imagination, breaks the sense of normality, brings thought experiments into tangible forms and explores possible future scenarios. 

        Her works collected in Modern Art and Design in Lausanne(MUDAC), exhibited internationally, including Milan Design fair, Biennale internationale du design de Saint-Étienne, Milan Image Fair, FLUX Laboratory in Zurich and Geneva, Design Society V&A museum in Shenzhen.  Her work Telepathy win the 2nd price of CORE 77 Speculative Design Award. Space Seed win the Bourses du fonds cantonal d'art contemporain(FCAC) in the Canton of Geneva, reported on Swiss newspaper Le Temps, Wallpaper magazine. She also appears on WIRED documentary: Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware. 

      As an interdisciplinary researcher, she monitoring and forecasting emerging science and technology, collaborates with scientists and engineers from various fields include biotechnology, aerospace, AI, data science, math, computer science. The purpose is to transform scientific research projects and knowledge into applicable products for social impacts, as well as science communication. She previously collaborates with  EPFL, CERN, MIT…etc.  She actively involved in biohacking, citizen science, Maker movement and tech entrepreneurial/startups scenes in EU, China and the US since 2012. 


Based in Shenzhen, she travels frequently in the EU and US for design research, prototyping and technology foraging. The city is her bases where she dives deep into the fast-evolving innovation ecosystem and studies its transformative and miraculous technology realization ability.   She also works on technology scouting and innovation consultation for tech investment firms and corporates, advice iGEM team on design process and presentation, lead design and innovation workshops for companies and college students...etc.

At the spare time, she writes sci-fi, draws sci-fi graphic novels, space out and keep sync with her original universe.        


My Multiverse  Identity & Planetary Missions: 


A.I agent from Proxima Centauri B in planetary Earth


I compose Odyssey 2079 for the voyage in Dirac sea. 

I engineering sci-fi artifacts for our future descendant. 

Future archaeologist. 

Homosapien hunter

Dream engineer

Reverse-Turing test officer.

Speculative scientist(I'm serious!)
Ubiquitous ghost 
Scientific diplomat
Millennium actress
Photosynthetic creature
Information diver
Human mixer
Wanderland wanderer

Seasonal sailor
Brain programmer


Space & Time traveler

Omnipresent Anthropologist

Space Tornado?





2016                   Researcher at EPFL+ECAL Lab (Augmented & Virtual reality, food science)

                           - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland


2011 - 2013        Master of Art (Media Interaction Design)
                           - Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design, HEAD-Genève, Switzerland


2009 - 2010        DNAP Bachelor of Art (Visual Communication)
                           - Ecole supérieure d’Arts et Médias de Caen, France


2002 - 2006        Bachelor of Art & Design (Interior Design)
                           - Yunnan University, Kunming, China

  • Event Host & Organizer Invite A.I scientists and organize talk on the subject "Neural Tangent Kernel and Applications" with Tsinghua University and Pengcheng A.I lab. 

  • EXHIBITION Space Seed exhibition, Shenzhen 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. Shenzhen.

  • TALK & Event Host Co-organize and host event on [A.I application in consumer products and the future of A.I] with SUStech. 

  • WORKSHOP  Co-organize and conduct Speculative design and biology workshop Expanded Sensorium with Vanessa Lorenzo & Fran Quero at Tsinghua University Open FIESTA.

  • RESEARCH  Resident researcher and artist. XRL lab at City University of Hong Kong. 

  • ADVISOR GreatBay iGEM(International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition advisor. Shenzhen Bluepha, Shenzhen. China.

  • Participate and coordination for GOSH(Gathering for Open Science Hardware)Shenzhen with Tsinghua University Open FIESTA.  Shenzhen, China

  • Creative planning & Art direction. New media art installation for museums, city hall, commercial mall exhibition. Silkroad Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen

  • TALK   Invited speaker. Maker Fair Shenzhen. Shenzhen, China.

  • TALK   Panel speaker at EU co-funded conference B.Creative & The Creative Tracks. Shanghai

  • CONFERENCE  Participated in Global Community Bio-summit. MIT Media Lab. Boston

  • EXHIBITION  Space Seed Exposition in Design Society & Victoria and Albert (V&A) gallery. Shenzhen. 

  • TALK  Invited speaker. Maker Fair Xi An. Xi’an, China.

  • DESIGN   Design an interactive installation to exhibit Seeedstudio electronic products at Makerspace X Factory. Shenzhen, China.

  • JURY  Jury board for the B.Creative challenge, EU funded competition addressed

       to young artists and creative entrepreneurs to work together for social innovation. Brussels.

  • EXHIBITION  Space Seed Exposition. Milan Image Fair. Milan, Italy.

  • TALK  Panel speaker at EU co-funded conference B.Creative & The Creative Tracks, discuss creative entrepreneurship and innovation. Namur, Belgium.

  • WORKSHOP  Workshop Inclusive design at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design - Royal College of Art, London, UK.

  • EXHIBITION  Space Seed Exposition. FLUX Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland

  • EXHIBITION  Space Seed Exposition. FLUX Laboratory, Geneve, Switzerland

  • RESIDENCY  Residency Artist at Seeed Studio/Chaihuo maker space. Seeed Studio & Chaihuo Maker space, Shenzhen, China.

  • MENTOR  Invited mentor for bachelor students at the Scientific Research Academy (SRA), a joined program between FAST(Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope) and Arecibo Observatory, Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities (QNCN). Guizhou, China.

  • CITIZEN SCIENCE  Book Sprint with Adam Hyde, Fabricatorz, and various artist, researchers, activists on the subject of “Cost of Freedom”, a reflection on the actual cost of open source, open knowledge, etc. It’s also as part of “freebassel” campaign. Marseille, France

  • DESIGN  Interaction designer and visual design consultant for WTO E-Learning content.

       World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • CITIZEN SCIENCE  Participated in The Port, a health and humanitarian hackathon at CERN&Campus Biotech. Pier 33, Collaborate with physicists and engineers on R&D on project: Ergonomic protection for people suffering from UV-ultrasensitivity.

       Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 6 weeks sailing in Mediterranean Sea.

  • DESIGN  Interaction designer and food science & interactive design lab builder.

       Foodpairing. Brugge, Belgium.

  • CITIZEN SCIENCE  Participated in the citizen science project" Galaxylab” at La Paillasse(Parisien bio-hacker space) as a designer and scientific diplomat, collaborating with SpaceGAMBIT, CNRS and other institutes. Paris

  • MEDIA  Space Seed project mentioned in 2 pages article" My resurrection in Space" (Ma résurrection dans l’espace) in series "laboratories of immortality" (Les laboratoires de l'immortalité)on Swiss newspaper Le Temps. 24, July 2014.

  • AWARD Space Seed win the Bourses du fonds cantonal d'art contemporain(FCAC) pour les diplômé-e-s de la Haute École d’Art et de Design(HEAD). Geneva

  • DESIGN  User experience designer. Nurun. Shanghai - China

  • CITIZEN SCIENCE Joined membership of La Paillasse, Hackuarium, Bio-hacker space. Paris & Lausanne.

  • EXHIBITION  Final Show, exhibiting the Master project Nature Hunter. Geneva

  • AWARD  Telepathy win the 2nd price of CORE 77 Speculative Design Award.

  • EXHIBITION  Biennale internationale du design de Saint-Étienne, exhibiting the Telepathy project. Saint-Étienne, France

  • MUSEUM Telepathy collected by Musée de Design et d'arts Appliqués Contemporains. Lausanne

  • WORKSHOP  Workshop La Fin du Monde, directed by Auger-Loizeau, Noam Toran.

      HEAD-Genève, Geneva

  • WORKSHOP  Workshop Créatures Merveilleuses, Illustration and 3D printing, with Florence Doléac and Andreas Gysin. ECAL, Lausanne

  • EXHIBITION  Milano Design Fair 2012, exhibiting Inverse Everything with Auger-loizeau and

      El Ultimo Grito, with the cooperation of Noam Toran. HEAD-Genève, Geneva, Milan

  • WORKSHOP  Genève Airport project, directed by Matali Crasset & Antoinette Scheidegger.

      HEAD-Genève, Genève

  • MEDIA  Article published in Art World magazine, Avant-Garde Design Report. ShangHai, China

  • DESIGN  Designer, webmaster in a fashion photographer agency, working on the website, blog design and construction, website updating, Ipad application, social network communication. WIB Agency, Paris

  • PERFORMANCE  Actress in a music video Juke-Box Human. Caen, France

  • DESIGN  UI&UX and graphic designer in an information technology company. Agency Ideys, Paris

  • PERFORMANCE  Participate in a project Marelle Céleste, Paris

  • CITIZEN SCIENCE  Collaboration with César Harada in projects : Protei, Robodiversity, World Environment Action, Open Sailing. Paris.

  • DESIGN Graphic designer & Illustration for educational book. Institut Japonais de Paris, Paris Conception & graphic design for Citroën publications, Company promotion.

  • DESIGN Graphic designer intern at Alinea Productions in Beijing - China













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